The blue dial Omega Aqua Terra was probably my first "watch crush". About two years ago, I obsessed with it - my download's folder was full of internet screenshots of this model and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. 
As a matter of luck, a friend from the Portuguese watch community has the exact model that I craved for one year, the 38mm Omega Aqua Terra with the blue dial striped horizontally, center date and the caliber 8800 co-axial movement. He suggested that I should take some pictures of his watch, and I quickly said YES! Here are the results.
Notes on photography: This watch has so many thoughtful details that I could spend a few weeks photographing it, from the blue sunburst and "teak" pattern dial, the 3D "arrow" applied indices, to the beautiful decorated movement. I knew this watch matched the Sea theme very well (even the name!) so I asked my friend to bring some nautical inspired props to use as a background. 
We chose a piece of decorative coral as the surroundings for the watch, and placed the Omega over some pieces of glue pads to prevent scratches on the case. The first picture is probably one of my favorites so far, and in the future I really want to photograph this watch in an outdoor location, probably a beach or a river!

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